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Jan Jansz Schepmoes and Sara Pieters Van Naerden

The Schepmoes Family

Our first ancestors, on the Schepmoes line, to come to America were Jan Jansz Schepmoes and his wife Sarah Pieters. Jan was born in 1605 in Delft, in the Netherlands; he married Sara Pieters Van Naerden. 27 December 1631 in Amsterdam, Holland. He was a mariner. Sara Pieters Van Naerden was born in 1609 and was of Hoorn, South Holland, Netherlands. They came to New Netherlands in April of 1638, aboard the ship De Dopphinj [The Dolphin]. It had been a rough voyage and some of the cargo had gotten wet and was ruined, so the Captan of the vessel had take and oath and tell the circumstanaces of the voyage. This oath was given the 19th of April 1638. Because to the length and difficulty of the voyage the passengers seem to have been on short rations, and had lodged a complaint when they arrived in New Amsterdam. The account is found in New York Historical Manuscripts: Dutch, translated and Annotated by Arnold J.F. Van Laer, Volume 2, Register of the Provincial Secretary, 1642-1647, pages 4-7

Declartion of the crew of the Dolphin as to the stormy passage of the vessel and the consequent damage to the cargo. [a portion follows]
"the undersigned witnesses ... conjointly attested, testified and declared ... that it is true and truthful that they, the deponents sailed from the Texel [the island north of the Province of North Holland, where vessels from Amsterdam were accustomed to wait for favorable wind and tide before proceeding on their voayage across the North Sea] with the above named yacht to New Netherland and on the voyage encountered divers storms by which the ship, both above and below became very leaky and took in much water, so that a considerable part of the cargo ..was ruined" done at Fort Amsterdam in New Netherland, this 19th of April 1638."

Declaration of the passengers of the Dolphin that the Captian failed to provide the stipulated rations of food during the voyage.
"... They the deponents, sailing in the yacht Dolphin, ... Were not provided by him with twenty-three meals, notwithstanding the weather was favorable for cooking; also, that the above named skipper has not supplied them during the voyage according to the Company's schedule of rations. In the second place that they, the deponents, for three successive weeks did not receive any ration of bread. ... this done at Fort Amsterdam in New Netherland the 23d of April 1638."
The above declaration was made in connection with the refusal of the passengers to pay for their board. On complaint of the passenger, the director genral and council investiged the matter on April 15, 1638, and ordered the passengers to pay if they had no further evidence to submit. Among the passengers were Jan jansen Schepmoes and his wife and two children. [see N.Y. col. Mss., 4:2 and 2:139]
It may be interesting to to note that Director Kieft had arrived at the colony just the week before.

The baptisms of a number of their children were recorded in the “Doop Book” (Baptism Book) of New Amsterdam. “The Dutch Church in New Amsterdam is known to have been organized as early as 1626. The Baptismal and other Records commence in 1939, from which period to the present time they are in perfect preservation. ... The records were translated and published in Collections of the NYG&B RECORD, vol II, Records of theReformed Dutch Church in New Amsterdam and New York, BAPTISMS, 1901 ; page numbers are from this Printing.
The following baptisms were found for the children of Jan Jansz Schepmoes and Sara Pieters. The order of the information is as follows
page #, date,
p 13, 16 Feb 1642
Jan Schepmoes &Sara Pieters; Annetje; Maryn Adrienszen, Lysbeth Thys,
p16, 25 Dec. 1643
Jan Schepmoes, & Sara Pieters; Abraham; Theunis Janszen, Zeylemaecker (Sailmaker), Elje Hendricks.
p 19, 3 Sept. 1645
Jan Janszen Schepmoes; Aeltje; Simon Joosten, Marritje Lievens
p 21, 6 Jan. 1647
Jan Janszen Schepmoes, Jobje; William Kay, Tryntje Roelofs
p 24, 2 Sept. 1648
Jan Janszen Shepmoes, Sara Pieters; Dirck; Hendrick Kip, Lysbeth Pieters
p 27, 1 Jan. 1650
Jan Janszen Schepmoes, Ursel; Geen Getuygen [No Witnesses]
p 31, 23 June 1652
Jan Janszen Schepmoes, Tryntie; Henrick Janszen, Belitje Jacobs.
p 37, 12 Apr. 1654
Jan Janszen Schepmoes, Sara; Abraham Jacobszen, Marritje Denys

It seems that Jan Janszen Schepmoes died sometime before or during 1656. In a Footnote to the will of his son Dirck Jansen Schepmoes,[Ulster Co., N. Y., Probate Records. Page 42, 43 {Liber VI, page 66. T.D.R., Liver 3, p. 1}] it is stated that after Jans Janszen’s death, Sarah Pieters married, Sept. 7, 1656, William Couch (Koech) from England. Sara Pieters may have died around 1690, the aforementioned footnote stated that Letters of Administration were granted, Jan 29, 1690-91. to the children of Jan Janszen and Sara Pieters. [to Abraham, Dirck, Anna, widow of Henry Coyler, Sarah, wife of Johanes De Wandelaer, Aeltie, wife of Johanes Van Ggiesen, Sarah, wife of Dirk Jansen, and Joaptie, wife of Gerrit Hartenburg. [N. Y. Sur. Office, Wills, Liber 3-4, p. 134).

The family of Jan Jansen Schepmoes and Sarah Pieters
1. Annetje, baptized Feb. 16, 1642, married Henry Coyler, born about 1643; of Hasselt, Overijeel, Holland. She was a widow in January 1690-91.
2. Abraham, baptised Nov. 25, 1643
3. Aeltje, baptisesed Sept. 3, 1645; married first,. Jan Everts Ketalkas, and 2nd , in New York, June 24, 1687, Johannes Van Giesen of Bergen;
4. Jobje, bapt. Jan 6 1647, married Gerrit Hartenburg;
5. Dirck, bapt. Sept 2, 1648, married first Maria Willemse and had 5 known
children, He married 2nd, 28 September 1703, Grietje (Margarietje) Tappen and had 2 or 3 more children. See below.
6. Wesel, bt. Jan. 1, 1650;
7. Tryntie, bt. June 23, 1652;
8. Sarah, bt. Apr. 12, 1654, m. Johanes De Wandelever.

Families of the second generation (of children of Jan Janszen and Sara Pieters

1. Annetje Jansen Schepmoes married, first Henry or Hendrix Coyler or Cuyler, born about
2. Abraham Jansen Schepmoes; we Know only his baptism date.
3. Aeltje Jansen Schepmoes, married first Jan Evarts Ketalkas,
and second, 24 June 1687, Johanes Van Giesen of Bergen, in New York.
4. Jobje or Joabtie or Jaepie Jansen Schepmoes married Gerrit Jansz. Hartenburg or Harkenberg, who was baptized, 17 Feb. 1639, at Maarsen, Utrecht, Netherlands; (Record 1939, vol 70, pp.253-258, 337-243) [details follow in Hartenberg section]
5. Dirk (given below)
6. Ursel or Wesel Jansen Schepmoes, married Dirck Fransyen Van Dyck
7. Tryntie Jansen Schepmoes
8. Sara Jansen Schepmoes, Married Dirck Jansen,
8, Sara Jansen Schepmoes, Married Johanes De Wandelever

5.+ Dirck Jansen Schepmoes, married Maria Willems. Their Children are:
i. Jan (Johannes) bp. N.Y. 7 April 1672; married, 18 Feb. 1697, Neeltje Gerritsen, born in Hurley, widow of Pieter Crupel.
ii. Ragel, bp. 31 March 1678, in Kingston, married 19 May 1700, Bernardus Swartwout, of Hurley
+ iii. Lea Dirckse Schepmoes, bp. 4 Sept 1681, married 28 Sept. 1703, Barent Gerritse Van Waggenen. son of Gerrit Aerstsen Van Wagenen and Clara Pels. They had 10 children baptized.
iv. Willem, bp. Hurley, 9 June 1684, married first Geertruy Davis, Married 2nd 24 June 1711 Catryntjen Tappen (see his will)
v. Rebecca, bp. 6 Nov. 1687.
[Sara Schepmoes, maiden, daughter of Dirck Schepmoes of Kingston, and his first wife, Maria Willems, married 10 October 1695, to Teunis Tappen, Single man born in Albany son of Jeurian Teunis Tappen and Ariaentje Davidts
Sara is was so named in her fathers will dated 15 February 1723/24, an abstract of which appears postea under Margrietje Tappen, his second wife. See Record April 1966, page 68 ]
Dirck Jansen Schepmoes, married 2nd Margariet Tappen , daughter of Jeurian Teunissen Tappen of Albany and later Kingston
and Ariaentje Davidts [See N. Y. G. & B. R. Vol. 97 No. 2, APRIL 1966 for an extensive history of the Tappen Family.
Their children are:
vi. Anna, bp. 3 Sept. 1704, Married 8 July 1725, Johannes Jansz
vii. Ariaantje, bp. 17 Nov. 1706;
viii. Dirck Willemse, “klyn son”

We will learn more about the relationship between the Schepmoes family and the Tappen Family From:
(Page 65) 1. Jurean Tennissen Tappen was called “Van Tappen” in the contemporary records of Albany, evidently to indicate that he had migrated from a place of that name in Holland. We was described first as a master glass-maker and later as an innkeeper in Beverwyck. Between 1658 and 1687 he moved to Kingston, with his second wife and 8 children. ... (Page 66) By 1662 Jurian had married, as his second wife, Ariaentje Davidts, daughter of Christopher Davidson [ who was of Rensselaerswyck by 1638] and Cornelia de Vos. Jurian Teunisen Tappen died in Kingston after 3 March 1689. Their Daughter Grietje married Derrick Janssen Schepmoes. Their daughter Catrntje married Willem Schepmoes.
(Page 70) Margrietje Tappen “maiden, and Capt. Dirrick Janssen Schepmoes” were “married on presentation of a license” 28 September 1703 (Kingston Marriages No. 212), she being his second wife. He was baptised in New York 2 September 1648, son of Jan Jansen Schepmoes and wife Sara Pieters, and had married first Maria Willems. The will of Dirck Schepmoes of Kingston, Ulster County, N.Y. dated 15 February 1723/24 and proved 20 September 1725, names wife Margrietje Tappen and her two daughter, Anna Arijantie, both underage; daughters Sara, Dirikye, Ragell, Lea, and Rebecca; sons Willem and Johannes; and appoints Johannes Hardenbergh, Pieter Tappen and Hendrick Pryn Trustees, and Willem Schepmoes, Thunes Tappen, Bernardus Swartout, Barent Van Waagenen, and Aldert Roosa, executors (UCW 1:42, 106-110; Burhans Genealogy, 1894, p. 348).
Children: 2, surnamed Schepmoes, baptized in the Reformed Dutch Church, Kingston, N.Y.
40. i. Anna bap. 30 Sept. 1704, Sponsors Johannes Schepmoes, Teunis Tappen, Elsje Tappen; married 8 July 1725 Johannes Elmendorf (Rec. 20:103).
41. ii. Arientje bap. 17 Nov. 1706, sponsors: Pieter Tappen, Abram La Metre. Tryntje Tappen.
7. Catryntje Tappen, ‘maiden, and Willem Schepmoes, Widower of Geertruy Davids, both residing in Kingston,” were married on 24 June 1711 (Kg M No. 264). He was baptized at Hurley, Ulster County, N.Y. on 9 June 1684, Son of Dirck Jansen Schepmoes and his first wife, Maria Willems. The will of William Schepmoes of Kingston, Ulster County, N.Y., dated 12 April 1740 and proved 8 October 1750, names wife Catharina; sons Dirick and Johannes; Daughters Marytie, wife of Abraham van Stienbergh, Sarah, wife of Pieter Dumon Jr., Catharina, Margrietje, and Ariejantie; and appoints his wife and two sons executors (FW p.345; UCW 1:42). Children: 7, surnamed Schepmoes, baptized in the Reformed Dutch Church, Kingston, N.Y.:
42. i. Marytie Bap 18 Apr. 1712, Sponsors: Dirck Schepmoes, Margrietje Tappen (his wife); married 19 May 1732 Abraham van Stienburgh, Jr., of Kingston.
43. ii. Zara, bap. 11 Oct. 1713, Sponsors: Theunis Tappen, Zara Schepmoes (his wife); married 4 March 1734, Peter Dumon Jr. of Kingston.
44 iii. Dirck, bap. 18 Sept. 1715, Sponsors Dirck Schepmoes, Johannes Schepmoes.
45 iv. Johannes, bap. 19 Jan. 1718, Sponsors: Johannes Schepmoes, Neeltjen Nieuwkerk; see also Burhans Genealogy, 1894, p. 348
46 v. Catrina bap 17 Jan 1720, sponsors: Abraham Lameeter, Elsje Tappen (his wife).
47 vi. Margrietje bap. 22 Oct. 1721, sponsors: Pieter Tappen, Anna Schepmoes.
48 vii. Arientje bap. 12 Apr. 1724, sponsors: Christoffel Tappen, Neeltjen Vas (his wife).

(page 68) 4. Teunis Tappan “single man, born in Albany, and Sara Schepmoes, maiden, born in Kingston, and both residing here in Kingston,” were married on 10 October 1695 (KgM No 111). The bride was the daughter of Dirck Schepmoes of Kingston and his first wife, Maria Willems, and she was so named in his will dated 15 February 1723/24, an abstract of which appears postea, under Margrietje Tappen, his second wife. In 1693 Matthias Mattyson [van Keuren], Capt.; Evaert Bogardus, Lieutenant; and Teunis Tappen, Ensign; were listed as the commissioned officers of a company of foot soldiers of Militia in Ulster and Dutchess Counties. N.Y. (CMR 2:426). The will of Teunis Tappen of Kingston, Ulster County, N.Y., dated 12 June 1724 and proved 6 March 1726/27, names Sara, eldest son Jurriyan, and other children: Marytie, Arriantie, Johannes, Catharina, and Rebecca; and appoints sons Jurryan and Johannes Tappen and Wilhelmus Hoogteyling executors. The Witnesses were Pieter Tappen;, Willem Schepmoes, Willem Eltinge, and Stephen Gasherie (FW p. 383; UCW 2:111)
[The contributor of this Tappen Genealogy, Lewis D. Cook, F.A.S.G., of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has contributed family studies and transcripts of records to many genealogical magazines, and is a contributing editor of The American Genealogist and the National Genealogical Society Quarterly.]

Another family History which gives information about the Schepmoes Family is given below, It is found in:THE NEW YORK GENEALOGICAL AND BIOGRAPHICAL RECORD,
William J Hoffman,, wrote a series of articles entitled:
Member of the Historical Society, and of the Royal Genealogical;
and Heraldic Society of the Netherlands
...The American progenitor, GERRIT JANSZ (VAN) HARDENBERGH, settled on these shores before August 1663 and was bp. at Maarsen, Utrecht, on Feb. 17, 1639.
Gerrit Hardenbergh married (iv) Jaepie Schepmoes. She was a daughter of Jan Jansz. Schepmoes and Sara Pieters and was baptized as Jobje (Jaepie Jobje Jacoba) in the Dutch Ref. church at New York, Jan. 6, 1647. Her ancestry will be discussed later.
There are no records which enumerate the children of Gerrit Hardenberg and his wife, Jaepie Schepmoes. But the following persons bearing his surname, of which we have record, are without a doubt his children. The fact that they all are said to be born in Albany and above all the constant recurrence of Gerrit and his wife and these persons as sponsors at the various baptisms forms prima face evidence, which is conclusive.
Children of Gerrit Jansz Hardenbergh and Jacoba Schepmoes:
i. Lysbeth Hardenberg, mar. as j.d. van N. Albanien in the New York Du. Ref. Church on Nov. 16, 1688 (banns Oct. 26) Col. Leonard Lewis (Leendert Lievens) j.m. van New York (MDC:65). He was bapt. there in the Du. Ref. ch. Aug. 31, 1667 (BDC:88). He died Aug.19,1730. Son of Thomas Lewis and Geesje Barents (Pieters). A full account of this family may be found in THE RECORD 60:136 ff.
ii. Johannes Hardenberg j.m. van N. Albanien mar. N. Y. Dutch Ref. met licentie July 12, 1696 (banns July 10 MDC:83, Hillegond Meyers j.d. van N. York, both living at New York, daughter of Andries Meyer and Vrouwtje Van Vorst (Rec. 6146).
Johannes Hardenberg j.m. born in Albanien (Albany), mar. at Kingston, N. Y. (Hoes no. 152), Dec. 5, 1699, Catharina Rutse j.d. born in Kingstown and both residing here (Kingston); married on presentation of a license. His will, dated Apr. 17, 1745, pr. Oct. 15, 1748, names as his children: Gerardus, Johannes, Abraham, Leonard, Jacob, Maritie wife of Charles Brodhead, Jacoba wid. of Edward Whitaker
iii. Sara Hertenberg, mar. John Finey
iv. Cornelia Hardenberg mar. N. Y. by license Oct. 2 7, 1704 (name given erroneously as Hardenbrook) Capt. John Waldron. He probably did not belong to the American Waldron family. He commanded His Majesty's Ship "Greyhound." About 1721 he gave up his command and became a merchant, was vestryman of Trinity church 1725_32 and captain of the Blue Artillery Company and as such had charge of the military stores for some 20 years (Riker's Harlem:695). He died about 1762. Will dated Aug. 4, 1750, pr. Apr. 15, 1762 (Wills Vol. VI:145, in which a note about his house).
v. Rachel Hardenberg, mar. Willem Grant.
vi. Neeltje Hardenberg j.d. van New York (?), mar. N. Y. Dutch Ref.Feb. 25, 1700/1 Jacob ten Eyk; bapt. N. Y. Nov. 14, 1678; died May 16, 1729 (Du.B.), N. Y. She died Mar. 22, 1751 (Du.B.) N. His will dated May 15, 1729; pr. Oct. 4, 1743.
vii. Barendina Hardenberg, bapt. Albany Dutch Ref. Oct. 28, 1683; died Mar. 21, 1730 (Du. B.) N. Y. Mar. N. Y. Dutch Ref. Feb. 1, 1710 (procl. Jan. 31), Andries ten Eyk, bapt. N. Y. May 4, 1681, died about 1742. Will dated Oct. 17, 1737, pr. Sept. 7, 1756.

In these baptismal entries only those sponsors have been given who had connections with the Hardenberg family.

(Page 39 of Vol 71) Begins the Ancestry of the Schepmoes family in Holland.

Jaepie Schepmoes, the wife of Gerrit Jansz Hardenberg, the American settler, belonged to a family which lived originally in Delft, Netherlands. As is the case with many Dutch surnames, the origin of the name Schepmoes may be traced to the name of the house in which the family lived at one time.
The house "in (the sign of) 't Schepmoes (also written as Schepmes) was situated next to the New Church at Delft (bezijden de nieuwe kerck). The meaning of the name is not quite clear. It is made up of two words, schep from scheppen which in this instance may be translated by the verb to ladle, and moes which means either sauce or stew (the Dutch for applesauce is appelmoes) Or may mean vegetable or fruit as is the case in the Dutch composite word moestuin meaning kitchen garden (gemuese means vegetable in German). Schepmoes may have been an old time name for a dish made of a sauce or stew to which one could help himself by means of a ladle.
But whatever the original meaning of the name may have been the family living in the house so called derived its surname from it.
The oldest ancestor of the family known at present is:
1. Jan Huygensz (Schepmoes). In a church membership list of Delft under of Feb. 25, 1574, was entered: Jan Huygensz, schoenmaecker (shoemaker) _is 't Schepmes. He died Sept. 25, 1576, for the entry reads Jan Huygens., shoenmaecker in't schepmes (Nederl. Leeuw, 1917:8 1)

[Page 40]. Undoubtedly his sons were:
+ 2. i. Pieter Jansz Schepmoes ... who follows.
+ 3. ii. Huych Jansz Schepmoes ... who follows.

2. Pieter Janssen Schepmoes. He used his surname as early as 1576, for in an account of that year covering war expenses of the city of Delft is posted the following:
Betaelt Pieter Jannsen Schepmoes opte voorsc. quote per ordonnantie van de finantie van date den naestlesten Ju1y 7, 1861. Translated: Paid to Pieter Janssen Schepmoes on account of the above quota by order of the finance department dated next to the last of July (15) 76 186 pounds.
(Bydragen en Mededeelingen Hist. Genootsch. 1933:88.) Pieter Janssen Schepmoes was the owner of two houses at Delft, one situated in the Zuideinde, the other in't A Achterom, for he is listed as such in the Hearth tax list of the year 11600 (P. 354, 374). He was skipper and mariner, an occupation in which his descendants were also engaged, among these the American settler.
In 1605 (Jan. 24 ?), when a widower, he married in Delft, Neeltgen Joosten, who lived in the brewery " De dubbele passer" (the double divider). He must have died shortly after in the same year for on November 19, 1605, the marriage proclamation was entered, with letters to Vlanderen (Flanders?) or Vlaardingen near Delft, of Jan Hermansz., widower, schipper, in the " hoywagen " in the sign of the Haywagon, on the Gasthuyslaen, and Neeltgen Joosten, widow of Pieter Jansz. Schepmoes, schipper. Children:
+ 4. i. Jan Pietersz Schepmoes . . . who follows.
+ 5. ii. Abraham Pietersz Schepmoes . . . who follows.
3. Huych Jansz. Schepmoes, a brother of Pieter Jansz. Schepmoes and a son of Jan Huygen the shoemaker. He was buried in the New Church at Delft Dec. 3, 1611, and was living at his death " buyten de Suijtpoort, " outside the South Gate.
In the Hearth tax list of the year 1600 he is listed in't Achterom. Huych Jansz. Schepmoes married Duyfgen Crynen, who as a widow and living aan 't marctveldt, on the market place, mar. March 25, 1622, at City Hall, Tonis Symonsen van der Piet, widower living in the Molslaan. Their son was:
i. Pieter Huygensz. Schepmoes, skipper and plateelbakker, that is engaged in making the famous Delftware. He was associated with his brother_in_law Heyndrick Beuckelsz. van der Burch and was the guardian of the latter's children when Hendrick lost his first wife. (Harvard, La Ceramique hollandaise, Amsterdam, 1909 Tome 11:24; Orphan Chamber Delft, Register van comparitie, VOL 4:78; Alg. Rijksarch., the Hague). Pieter Schepmoes married at Delft May 19, 1613, Tryntje Beuckels., daughter of Beuckel Adamsz. van der Burch, belonging to one of the foremost families of Delft at that time. At his marriage he is called skipper but as I have stated before, probably after his marriage he took up the making of Delft ware together with his brother_in_law. He died in 1624 and was buried in the Old church on October 21. His widow married at Delft Aug. 24, 1625, the widower Jan Dreyer, a cloth_worker. Two Schepmoes children, Beuckel and Marytje were bapt. at Delft respectively New church Nov. 5, 1617 and Old church Aug. 31, 1622 Both children died in infancy.

[In the church membership list of Oct. 1 1605 of Delft appears the entry Hendrick sn., schoenmaecker in 'I schepmes bezijden de N.K. (beside the New Church.) Also Adriaens., huysvr. van Hendrick Cornelisz voorn. voornoemd, mentioned before).]
[If these persons belonged to the Schepmoes family is unknown at present, but it would seem quite possible especially on account of the same trade followed by these later occupants of the same house.....]

[Page 41] 4. Jan Pietersz. Schepmoes is listed in the Hearth tax list of the year 1600 "in den Ham," living in the sign of the ham, Achterom, but at his death in 1608 he lived "buyten de Suytpoort," outside of the Southgate. He was buried in the New church June 24, 1608 Nothing further has been found in regard to him. His wife's name is unknown at present, but we may safely assume that Jan Jansz. Schepmoes born in 1605, from Delft, mariner, who married at Amsterdam Dec. 27, 1631, and who is the progenitor of the American family, is his son. Another son was undoubtedly Willem Jans Schepmoes who in 1615 became an apprentice in the goldsmith guild at Delft.

5. Abraham Pietersz. Schepmoes was a burgher of Delft in 1625 (witness in this quality on a paper of Notary C. Coeckebakker No. 1613). In 1636 he bought a house situated on the south side of the market place called "’t vergulde waterPas," in the sign of the Gilded Level. In 1640 he is listed as the owner of a garden outside the Ketelpoort, the gate leading to the village of Ketel outside Delft. He must have been a person of means for in the Verpondingsregister, real estate tax register, of Delft of the year 1620 he is listed as the owner of several pieces of property.
The later generations of the Schepmoes family in the Netherlands have not been traced. The family in all probability died out in the 18th century.
However, to the family belonged Abraham Schepmoes, a sea captain from Amsterdam whose Valiant battle on Apr. 27, 1673, with a Scottish pri­vateer off the coast of Norway has been recorded in Dutch naval history (J. C. de Jonge, Gesch. Nederl. Zeewezen, 111:384). A namesake, Abraham Shepmoes, made his fame and fortune in the Dutch East Indies. He was in 1703 dessave (an official) at Colombo (Ceylon, then a Dutch colony); 1705_7 opper Koopman, first merchant of the west coast of Sumatra and in 1717 commissary there. In 1718 commissary of marriage affairs at Batavia where he died the same year. He married Gabrielle du Tremblay whose gravestone is still preserved in Ceylon (Mature church; Ludovici: 72). Of especial interest is the fact that Abraham Schepmoes' funeral escutcheon with his arms was hanging at one time in the Buyten Portugeesche kerk (Outside Portuguese church). Settlements in Java were originally made by the Portuguese before the advent of the Dutch (Navorscher, 17:30).
Unfortunately the records of these funeral escutcheons have not been pre­served but at the Landsarchief, Batavia, among the collection of wax seals there is one 'Of Abraham Schepmoes which shows 9 saltorels (small crosses in the shape of a saltire) placed 4_3_2_ and as a crest a pair of wings. The tinctures are not indicated on the seal.
To these arms, although these have been assumed probably at a time when family was already settled in America, the American family may lay claim.
Besides the progenitor of the American family, Jan Jansz Schepmoes, we mentioned in American records on Dec. 11, 16411, Willem Dircksz Schepmoes (Du Mss.): Willem Dircksen Schepmoes vs. JacobDircksen boatswain and Jan Heyn for neglecting their duty on board the ship White Falcon, defendants; Dismissed from the ship and fined each 20 guilders. His relationship to Jan Jansz Schepmoes has not been determined, but from the fact that the latter had a son Dirck it may be surmised that Willem Dircksen was among his near relatives.

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